Account registration at Holopipe is only required if you will be uploading content.
Yep, you have some!
We love data, but not yours. Read more about the information we collect in our Privacy Policy.
Go to account, and click groups. If you have been invited to a group, there should be a "JOIN" button there
Credits is the currency we use for charging various uses of the Holopipe service. Credits are subtracted from your account when you upload files. We currently charge 2 credits per model upload + 1 credit per mb.
At Holopipe, we accept payment from Paypal, Stripe and in-app-purchases.
Have a look in our Documentation page.
No! It's set to off as default, but you can change this under Edit Public Profile.
At Holopipe, you can upload 3D models, video, music/audio, pictures and from within the app, voxel. Read more about our supported formats.

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