Hey Holopipe users!
This is our page where we will inform you about progress and changes with the service.
While we get things set up you can visit Facebook, or Instagram for more information.


Draw like a pro- Released
We just released drawing in AR. You can now fill your holographic scene with art. Draw on top of your model, or just simply, draw.
Tips: If you use Tilt Brush (VR), try to export your artwork as a .obj, then share it to the world with Holopipe.


Comments - Work in progress.
Comments directly in AR. This makes it easier to get feedback on your work. Send the hologram of your work in progress and get accurate feedback from your customer, saving everyone`s time.


Shoot it! - Released
Snapshot your hologram in the real world. We just updated the screen shot, featuring higher resolution, better color deept, no UI, and saving the picture to your local library. This will make it easier for you to share your work.


Many more 3D formats - Work in progress
We do support .stl and .obj, but are soon releasing support for your favorit formats as .fbx, .stp . step, .3ds and more to come.


Track the world - Released
We updated the tracker, making your holograms stick better to any surface.


Share your hologram - Released
HoloID makes it very easy to share your holograms. Just press the “share” button in your uploads, then paste and send it to the ones who you want to give access.