0 credits


A free trial to give you the taste of the holographic world.

+40 credits/month

€ 4.99 eur charge per month

Basic pack, is for casual use.

Good start for 3D-hobbyist, 3D-printing, 3D-scanning or prototyping.

Perfect for low - poly design.

+100 credits/month

€ 8.99 eur charge per month

Plus pack, for active weekly use.

Recommended for projects, presentations, courses and more.

+1000 credits/month

€ 69.98 eur charge per month

Pro pack, for professional daily use.

Suitable for users with 3d-design profession, optimized for heavy models.

Use Holopipe as your distribution platform

Your own white-labeled app.

Please contact us at

Payment may take a couple minutes to get registered in our systems.

Credits is the currency we use for charging various uses of the Holopipe service. Credits are subtracted from your account when you upload files. We currently charge 2 credits per model upload + 1 credit per mb.

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